Thursday, December 4, 2014

November Favorites

It's officially time start geeking out over Christmas! WOOOHOOO!! Christmas is my thing, I mean I'm that girl jamming out to Christmas carols in the middle of July... #donthateappreciate. I think I missed my true calling of being one of Santa's Elves. That's it... it's time for a career change. Anyways, before I get too Christmas crazy (I'll save that for next week), I would like to show you some of my November favorites.


 The 100. Holy cow, I'm addicted! It's about how humans were forced to leave earth and move into outer space due to a nuclear war. After 97 years the "counsel," sent juvenile delinquents back down to earth to find out if earth was livable. These teenagers are harassed by natives and must fight to survive. Que the intense battle scenes and teenage drama fest! P.S. You can find this on Nextflix.


My most amazing, fantastical, Target scarf! I absolutely love this scarf. It goes with everything and is so warm and cozy. Plus, you can't beat a scarf that is this cute, for only $16.99. Score!

'Ultra' Wide Waistband Leggings
I have always purchased the 10 dollar leggings from Walmart; However, you truly get what you pay for. They would always start to loosen up within a couple of hours. Nordstroms legging's hold their shape all day, and are the most comfortable things I've ever put on my body. I'm not gonna lie, I have pretty much lived in these things for the past four weeks. Oh, and Thank you Paige for telling me about them!


Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin body wash. I have a bit of an obsession with pumpkin things... like, it's pretty bad. So bad, that I bought 10 bottles of this stuff, yes, 10. This body wash is my fall vice. It's a very suttle scent that smells delightful.



Melba MAC blush. This is one if the most perfect fall blushes ever. It adds the most beautiful, warm, pink color to really brighten up the face. An added bonus, it really makes blue eyes POP! 


Little Debbie Fall Cakes, 'nuff said. 


This album was on repeat for the whole month of November. It's rare that I stumble upon an album where I love every song, but Pink and Dallas Green are simply genious together! You gotta check it out.

Well, that's all for my November favorites! I'll back next month for some December favorites. I have a feeling that list is going to be very, VERY long. Did you have any November favorites?


  1. That is so true - I bought Walmart leggings before & they are a stretched out mess before the day is up.

    I just bought plaid scarves for friends for Christmas - cant wait to give them out :)

    1. Yea, that's why I just chose to invest in some good leggings instead of wasting more and more money. Man I'm glad I did! Every girl loves a plaid scarf. I'm sure they will be super excited to get theirs on Christmas. :)

  2. Girl! Fall party cakes is where it's AT! Haha! Next up? Christmas tree cakes!

    1. Shoot, you can say that again! Not going to lie, I had some Christmas tree cakes today... I cannot resist them! lol.

  3. Are we the same person?!? I love Christmas, swear by those Hue leggings and Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin is my favorite scent EVER!

    1. You and I have so much in common... We should just be best friends! Haha.