Monday, December 8, 2014

The Weekend Diaries

This weekend was so. much. fun! It was full of laughs, good times, and fantastic memories. I'm going to go ahead and warn all of you, I got a little camera happy. #sorrybutnotsorry


Friday, I was mcubber tired from a long twelve hour day at work. Before heading home, Chanda and I decided to go by Schlotzsky's , for a yummy, well deserved supper. I decided to go with one of their new steak and cheese, hot sandwiches. Man, that thing was GOOD! I was house sitting for my friend Canaan, this weekend, while she and her family were in Gatlinburg, TN. Guess what guys?? Her boyfriend Doug, popped the question Friday night!  

Congratulations Canaan! 

After eating dinner, I went over to Canaan's apartment for a relaxing evening reading all the Friday blog posts, and loving on a sweet kitty and puppy. 

How stinking adorable are those faces??

Being so exhausted from my long work week (45 hours can be a killer), I slept like a rock... I mean, this girl didn't budge until 10 am Saturday morning. At some point during the morning, my friend needed to ask me a question, and this is what she walked in to. 

 Snuggle buddies!  

Saturday, I was invited to spend the day with Chanda, Summer (check her blog out here), and April, in Highlands NC, for Summer's birthday. I hopped out of bed, took my time getting ready, and was at Chanda's by 12:00 ready for a day full of fun. 

Our first stop in Highlands was at this magnificent place. 

People, when I say this is some of the best pizza I have EVER had, I mean it 100%! It's like it has been fashioned by gods or something. Lol! They have just about any kind of pizza you can imagine and all of them are fantastic! If you ever have the chance to visit Highlands, you have to go.

 Me and Chanda

Summer and April
Us ladies waiting for our pizza! 

 Okay guys, doesn't this look mouth watering??  

After stuffing our faces with pizza, we decided to walk around Highlands to enjoy the beautiful town scenery and do some shopping. 

Walking around Highlands, can make the most scroogey of Scrooges get into the Christmas spirit. Love it!

One of my favorite stores to shop in is Dutchmans. Seriously, just have a look. 

Everything in this store is the definition of my decorating style. It's just perfect! 

After shopping, we ran by the candy shop to get some goodies for the road. 

After getting our numerous pieces of heaven, guess what time it was.... You guessed it, SELFIE TIME! 

  So, technically this isn't a selfie, but ya get my drift.  

After a fun day filled with friends, I ended my evening on the couch, snuggling my little sister Amy, and watching Mr. Peabody & Sherman. Fantastic end to a fantastic day!


So, I know everyone is partial to their pastors, but I really think I have one of the most amazing, fantastic, phenomenal pastors on the face of the planet. He is so obedient to Christ: Joel, allows him to move through every word he speaks and it is so POWERFUL!

 "Why do we always go to other things, before we go to God? He is our power source. When we go to him, he can take care of it all. Always go to God first, seek him out, believe in him. 
We have nothing to lose, but everything to gain." 

After church, I whipped up a delicious cheese cake, while watching last weeks episode of Once Upon a Time with Bethany. Then, I went over to April's house for Summer's Birthday dinner. 

Just look at this delicious spread! 

Love this chalk bored idea! 

My super yummy, pumpkin cheese cake! (yep, I have skills.) 

That concludes this celebration Weekend. Happy Birthday Summer! Did you guys do anything different and exciting this weekend? I hope your Monday is wonderful! 


  1. All this food!!! I want. The pizza, the candy, the pies. YUM!
    Ahhh - a proposal. So sweet.
    You can never be too camera happy when you're a blogger :)

    1. I know! I told my friend that I HAD to get back to eating a little better this week. Why does food have to be so yummy? lol.

  2. This looks like the perfect weekend! The pizza and cheesecake has me drooling... yum!! And totally jealous that your dog is a cuddler, ours wants nothing to do with it!

    1. It was a fantastic weekend! Of course, anytime there is good food involved it makes for a great time! Lol. Brady Looks like the biggest snuggle bug in the whole world! Maybe he will realize snuggling is just the best thing ever. Haha!

  3. aw the puppy and kitty are so cute. that pizza is literally mouth watering... you're right!

    1. I think they are pretty adorable as well! :)