Monday, January 26, 2015

An Ode to the Best Friend With a Surprise Party Inbetween

Let me start off by saying, Oh how I have missed all of you.... I feel as if I blinked and my entire week had vanished. School has had me extremely stressed and busy. I hate that I have been so neglectful towards my blog, but I had to get my feel of this new schedule. With that being said, I think I may have it all pretty much sorted out. Or, at least I hope I do... Anyways, This post isn't about my crazy life, it's about my dear best friend Bethany.

Bethany and I have been through it all together... Within our ten years of friendship, we have been to the lowest of lows and the highest of highs. There have been some pretty rough circumstances we have both had to face. I know for a fact, I would not have been able to make it through those circumstances with out her by my side. She's my rock, my shoulder to cry on, she makes me laugh when I've had a bad day, and she always knows the right things to say. She really is the best kind of person in the world and I thank God for allowing me to be her best friend.

In case you didn't know, today just so happens to be this amazing ladies birthday. Over the weekend I threw her a surprise birthday party, just to show her how much she means to me. So everyone grab your party hats and get ready to see a pretty epic surprise party!

Linking up with the lovely Biana!

The decorations and Glorious cake! 

Prior to arrival 


Gathered around having a great time. 


Cheesin for the camera! 

Creeeeper Wesley! 

Bethany is more than just a friend. She is and will forever be my sister. I know without her influence over my life I would not have become the person I am today. She is my person and I can't wait to spend another 80 years living life with this girl. Bethany, I hope you have the most amazing Birthday because you really do deserve it. I love you to the moon and back again, to infinity and beyond, forever and ever. Happy Birthday!!

Friday, January 16, 2015

30 Before 30

Okay guys, seeing as my Birthday is Saturday, I was trying to think of something different to do for a Birthday post. I didn't want to do the typical Birthday post because sometimes they can be a little... well, awkward. I wanted to avoid this, so I got this totally awesome idea from Kristen, a 30 before 30 list! You can view her's here. I have been really loving getting my hopes and dreams written down on paper. I hope you enjoy them as well! Linking up with Rebecca!

1. Graduate College
Anyone who knows me, knows what a challenge this dream is. The reason being, I just plain out       hate school. So this baby made number 1 on the list.

2. Pay off my car
I know, sooooo boring, but this is a big one to me as well. I don't want to live my life under the thumb of debt collectors.

3. Back pack Europe
I have had this dream since I was a young child. I would love to spend a whole summer seeing all the different places in Europe, meeting new people, and really discovering who I am. P.S. This sounds like it would make an awesome book.

4. Go to New York
I can just see it now: ridding down the streets of NY, looking out the window at all the tall buildings, while Taylor Swift's Welcome To New York is turned up on the radio. Can you tell I like movies?

5. See a Broadway play, on Broadway.
I love musicals and plays, so this is a big thing for me. I would be on cloud 9!

6. See wild orcas
Ever since Free Willy came out when I was two, I have been obsessed with orcas. I actually wanted to be a trainer for Seaworld. Not gonna lie, it would still be pretty awesome.

7. Swim with dolphins
Another life long dream. You can thank Flipper for this one!

8. Move into my own house
Not necessarily own my own house, more along the lines of be living somewhere other than my parents house. It's well past time.

9. Have my own puppy
In case you didn't know, I'm a huge dog lover over here! This one would seriously make my life complete.

10. Meet someone special and fall in love
I know this sounds extremely cheesy, but I desire to meet that special someone, fall in love, and start having a life with them. Keeping my fingers crossed.

11. Go to a Taylor Swift concert
I have been a swiftie from the very beginning! I've wanted to go to her concerts multiple times but it never worked out. It will happen and soon!

12. Learn another language
So, I started this one last week. I found out real quick it's going to be a hard task.

13. Live somewhere other than America for a year
Preferably Ireland or Africa.

14. Become certified to teach Jazzerciser
One of the funnest work outs I have ever taken in my life! You should see if class are offered where you live.

15. Take a photography class and better develop my photography skills
I love being able to make precious moments last forever. Photography is one of my favorite hobbies and I really want to become better at it.

16. Create a recipe completely from scratch
Experimenting in the kitchen is one of my favorite past times, but I always have a base to go off of. I want to just throw something in a pot and have it become a family favorite,

17. Read 30 classic novels
Reading is my vice, so this one should be pretty easy.

18. Learn to play the piano
I have like five friends who know how to play and I have no idea why I haven't learned yet.

19. Complete the Color Run
Two of my really good friends have completed this run, and it looks like so much fun! Shoot, I'm a poet and I didn't even know it!

20. Learn how to properly eat, and practice those healthy eating habits
Taking care of your body is a really important factor in living a happy and full life. It's time I really started working on my life style choices.

21. Finish writing my album and record it
Not to become famous or anything. Mostly to have something to pass down through my family. A recording is a little piece of you that will live forever. I think that's incredibly cool.

22. Take a road trip across the United States
I just want to grab my best friends, hop in an old VW van and drive across this beautiful nation. It's a grand adventure I cannot wait to embark upon!

23. Learn how to drive a stick shift
It's something I've wanted to learn how to do for years. Somebody's got to sign up and teach this girl! Any takers??

24. Work at my dream job
This goes in hand with finishing college. I can't be a third grade teacher until I get that degree!

25. Learn how to sail
Sailing has always seemed so magical to me. I love the ocean and I think sailing across it would be a pretty awesome experience.

26. Sing Karaoke
I've sang in front of my church family, but never in front of a random crowd. I would be the girl up there taking it way to seriously. Ha!

27. Be an extra in a movie
Preferably one with Chris Hemsworth.

28. Read the Bible cover to cover and grow in Christ
I have been in a relationship with Jesus since I can remember and I still haven't read the Bible cover to cover. It's long over due.

29. Go to Disney World
Everyone should know by now that I am a HUGE Disney lover. I have wanted to go since I was literally three years old! I will make it there, eventually.

30. Be comfortable and confident within my own skin
This is something I struggle with... I am constantly doubting my worth and feeling like I'm never good enough. By the time I'm 30 I want to be happy with who I am.

Well, That's it for my list! I was thinking that 24 would be the perfect age to write this down and start checking things off. What are somethings you hope to accomplish?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What Were We Thinking?

So this is just a blog post containing random thoughts compiled within my head. I hope you enjoy!

Oh my gracious... I had my very first Spanish class yesterday... I'm sitting in class and my professor walks in. I'm expecting a "Good morning class, how are you? Nope. She starts speaking to us in Spanish! I have never taken a Spanish class, like ever, people... I know my eyes had to be as big a saucers! I was thinking to myself, "okay, well as soon as I get the hand outs, I'll know what's going on." Wrong. The hand outs were completely in Spanish. Guess what? So is ALL the homework.


School is hard enough when you can understand what the teachers are saying, imagine not understanding a thing. What was I thinking? I know what I'm thinking now, Lord Jesus help me not to die! I know that may sound just a little extreme but that's how I'm feeling at the moment.

Now on to something to distract my distraught, Spanish ridden brain.

The Bachelor 

Did you guys watch the show on Monday? Let me just start off by saying a Paint ball, zombie killing course, sounds like the funnest date EVER! Granted I maybe scared out of my wits, it still sounds like the If someone could let my invisible boyfriend know, that'd be great!

I liked seeing Chris go on the individual dates. I feel like were actually getting to know him now.

Out of all the ladies, Britt is hands down my favorite. She just seems so, well, real. Who is your favorite?

Now on to the main event of the night, Ashley. S. Home girl is straight crazy! To top it all off Chris decided to keep her... What was he thinking?

You can just see the crazy in the poor girls eyes... By the way, who thought it was a good idea to give her a paint ball gun??

Lastly, I can't believe I turn 24 on Saturday... It's weird.

Well, that sums up my totally random thoughts for the day. I've got a pretty cool Birthday post planned for Friday, so be sure to swing by and check it out. Adios amigos! *This could possibly be correct, but most likely not*

Monday, January 12, 2015

The Weekend Diaries

For my weekend recap I'm linking up with the lovely, Biana and Lisa!


Let me tell you guys, Friday was one of those days where I thought it would NEVER end. I believe it was due to the fact that my body is trying to fight off this nasty, cruddy sickness... It also didn't help that I chose to babysit 15 children until 12 am. I promise, I'm not crazy. Luckily, my bestie Bethany came and spent a part of the evening with me, it made the night fly by. 


My spring semester starts on Tuesday; therefore, I had to get all my school supplies on Saturday. I heard that Target had some really cute folders and such, so I decided to try there. Target was dead on! Of coarse, it's very rare that they aren't.

All I'm lacking now is a planner. Anyone have some good suggestions??

I got an Ulta gift card for an early birthday present, so I decided to go by and pick up this beauty!

I'm seriously liking loving the Full Exposure palette! The eye shadows stay on all day and do not crease! I'll do a post on it soon, going further into detail.  :)

Later that night I went by to visit my friend Canaan, and also got some puppy loving while I was there. 

Church Sunday morning was amazing! It was all about finding balance in every aspect of your life. That is something I really struggle with, so this sermon hit home. One quote that grabbed my attention was, "Our God is not a fair God, he is a righteous God.

That night I had community group. It's so wonderful to have people who love you, and are there for you whenever you're going through a rough patch. I love them all dearly.

After group, Bethany and I got together to watch Galavant and eat stuffed shells. Talk about a fantastic way to end a good weekend! By the way, have any of you watched Galavant?? It's so hilarious! I'm literally laughing every five minutes. Here's a little clip for your enjoyment. 

 Anywho, how was your weekend?

Friday, January 9, 2015

December Favorites

These slippers have become a staple in my comfy wardrobe this month. They keep my feet warm on cold winter nights, and feel like I'm walking on a cloud. What's not to love??

I'm honestly really picky when it comes to makeup; however, when you find makeup on sale for $2 you gotta give it a shot. I was actually really impressed with this foundation! I wore it pretty much everyday in December. Now, It's not as good as the Covergirl Outlast foundation, but for the price, you really can't go wrong. If you would like me to compare the two, just let me know!

Hershey Candy Cane Kisses
Oh, these things are so yummy! I went through two bags last month... I'm guessing that's where my four extra pounds came from... Yay for New Year life style changes!

Dream Cream 

If it wasn't for this lotion, I don't think my skin would survive the winter... I have problems with eczema and Lush's Dream Cream is the only thing I have found that doesn't irritate it. The only downside I have found is that the lotion has a weird smell to it, and the price is a little up there. However, I'm willing to deal with the negatives because it works so good!

I got these amazing Pajama pants for only 6 bucks! Probably one of my most favorite purchases ever. I was going to put up a link for all you lovelys but Old Navy is completely sold out...  

I'm more of an eos girl, but I love, love, love this stuff! It literally smells like you just walked into a cake shop. Mmmm... Not gonna lie, it doesn't taste to shabby either. ;)

What were some of your favorites last month?

Today I'm linking up with these precious ladies Karli, RebeccaJennie

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A New Way of Life

I've seen so many posts about the goals everyone is setting for 2015. It's got me thinking... All the goals I'm seeing are mediocre goals... Now, don't get me wrong, I have my same set of mediocre goals that I hope to fulfill, such as become more healthy in 2015, exercise at least four times a week, learn a foreign language and many more. But where is the challenge for us? I mean isn't this a new year? A time for new self refection and new beginnings? Let me start with what's going on within myself.

It's about to get all kinds of raw and real over here, so hold on to you britches.

 Everywhere we look we can see women striving for perfection. To be viewed as "good enough" in everyone's eyes but never being good enough within their own eyes. Perfection is a nasty little monster that seeks out women, trying to break them down layer by layer. I, myself, fight this battle with perfection. I try my hardest to say and do everything in a way of perfection. I can never meet these unobtainable standards I set for myself; therefore, I begin to beat myself up and become depressed... This year I have decided to defeat this monster that haunts me so often. Would you like to know how you can too? The weapon that destroys perfection most efficiently is simply realizing that perfection is a myth... Ladies, IT DOES NOT EXIST! These so called imperfections that we all have are what make you and I so special. They are what keep this world turning. We don't need to strive to have a perfect house, with a perfect family, or being a perfect person so that people will like us. It's simply unattainable and this year I refuse to stress over it. I'm worth more than that and so are you.

Now, on to the next major goal for 2015. Every single day I would like to try and make the people I come in to contact with feel special and loved. The way we choose to interact with people can really have an effect on us. You see, it can be as simple as getting off your phone, smiling, and saying hello to the cashier at Target. Even if we've had a crappy day and don't feel like making eye contact with anyone, much less speaking to them. So what?? What we must realize is even if we have had an awful day, making someone feel special and important should put us in a better mood and get us excited! We want to sit back and complain about the way our world is turning out, but so many of us never take the time to try and change it. Love and kindness are the two best ways to see a change spark. You and I have the power add some pep to someone's step, a smile to someone's face, and a sparkle to someone's eyes. All it takes is for us to be a little less self centered and place others before ourselves.

So this year I'm going to try my best to spread love to family, friends, and strangers I meet. Maybe you and I could be the spark that ignites a fire of change across the world. I dare you to try it and see.

Yes, our mediocre goals and life style changes are very important, but don't stop there... Stop selling yourself short and make changes that will cause you to thrive physically, mentally, and spiritually. In 2015, I challenge you to really push yourself and exceed all your expectations. Be you and change the world!

Monday, January 5, 2015

The Weekend Diaries + New Years

Today it's back to reality... *Excuse me while I go sit in the corner and cry my eyes out.* I really believe going back to work after a Christmas break is 1,000x's worse then going back after a vacation. Spending time with all your loved ones, and lazing around, just makes life so sweet. Onward with the last Holiday recap!


New Years Eve!! This New Years I attended my very first New Years party at Paige's house. Oh. My. Word. It was so fun! We all hung out, talked, watched football, ate yummy food and made awesome memories. Needles to say, I can't wait for next year! I was busy having a good time and didn't take a single picture; however, I will leave you with this one from Paige. Good thing my bestie's also a blogger. :)

New favorite picture! Describes our night perfectly. :)


New Years Day was spent chilling on the couch, watching Cory get his butt whooped at Madden Football by the lovely Queen of football herself, Paige. Then, we watched a "real" football game and snuggled with puppies.

Okay, so Hampton snores like a chainsaw... It's worse than an old man... So, Cory discovered that placing a pillow under his head should reduce the amount of snoring. I think he stayed like this for a grand total of 2 seconds. Haha!


I decided to make a trip to David's Bridal to order my bridesmaid dress for Candice's upcoming wedding. Ah! I'm so excited to see my dear friend marry the man of her dreams! After that, me, Jessie, and Amy went to get some food from Red Robin.

Amy and I playing Tic-tack-toe! 

Whenever I go to Greenville, I have to make a trip to Barns and Noble. I was looking around and stumbled upon this... 

 Please tell me you found this as funny as I did! 

I. Can't. Take. It. 


Saturday, I went and had dinner with my good friends Chanda, Jenifer and her hubby Chris. After dinner, we went back home to watch movies and love on this little cutie! 

 Abram stretching out

Love this little guy! #auntiestatus 

Once I finished holding spoiling Abram, I went to pick up the Little's and Lauren for a girls night. 

Staying up late, doing hair, and laughing way to hard! 


Sunday, Bethany and I spent that day talking and watching movies. One of the movies we decided to watch was Zoolander. Lord have mercy, this movie is straight up hilarious! While watching it, I figured out that my dear brother is Ben Stiller's twin. See for yourself.  

I told you guys! Too stinking funny! 

I hope this picture brightens up your Monday! How was your New Years weekend?