Friday, January 9, 2015

December Favorites

These slippers have become a staple in my comfy wardrobe this month. They keep my feet warm on cold winter nights, and feel like I'm walking on a cloud. What's not to love??

I'm honestly really picky when it comes to makeup; however, when you find makeup on sale for $2 you gotta give it a shot. I was actually really impressed with this foundation! I wore it pretty much everyday in December. Now, It's not as good as the Covergirl Outlast foundation, but for the price, you really can't go wrong. If you would like me to compare the two, just let me know!

Hershey Candy Cane Kisses
Oh, these things are so yummy! I went through two bags last month... I'm guessing that's where my four extra pounds came from... Yay for New Year life style changes!

Dream Cream 

If it wasn't for this lotion, I don't think my skin would survive the winter... I have problems with eczema and Lush's Dream Cream is the only thing I have found that doesn't irritate it. The only downside I have found is that the lotion has a weird smell to it, and the price is a little up there. However, I'm willing to deal with the negatives because it works so good!

I got these amazing Pajama pants for only 6 bucks! Probably one of my most favorite purchases ever. I was going to put up a link for all you lovelys but Old Navy is completely sold out...  

I'm more of an eos girl, but I love, love, love this stuff! It literally smells like you just walked into a cake shop. Mmmm... Not gonna lie, it doesn't taste to shabby either. ;)

What were some of your favorites last month?

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  1. Someone brought in those peppermint kisses in our office & they were taunting me all day long....

  2. i seriously want me some of those slippers!

  3. Those slippers totally rock! I've had my current pair for almost 2 yrs now and def need a replacement -- love that green color!