Monday, February 29, 2016

Breaking News

Whewww! I have so much to talk about... I've decided to hit on some of the main events happening in my life, just to fill you all in.

So some of the biggest and most exciting news is that three very Important people in my life are going to be bring some pretty adorable little people into this world...

Haley is having a little girl and her name will be Cecilia Annette!

Another one of my dear friends, Candice will also be having a little girl. Her name will be Haley Karen!

Last but definitely not least, Paige is also having a baby! I bet you'll never guess what she's having... If you guessed boy you're wrong. She's having a girl!!

                             Let the bow buying commence! 

Also, I'm going to need someone to buy me this mug...

I'd say it's pretty fitting. Wouldn't you? 

Over the past few months I have gained another really close friend, her name is Marissa! It's crazy how God knows the exact people to place in your life at exactly the right moment. Marissa is one of those people that you just know God intended for you both to become sisters. I can say with 100% certainty, me and this beautiful lady will be friends forever.

Which brings me to my next point. 

Marissa and I have decided to move in together! I am seriously so excited that I can hardly contain myself! Marissa has decided to have a house built, so technically I'll be moving into her house as soon as it's finished. This is the text I received earlier this week. 
Please excuse all the mushy stuff after the picture. 

The house should be ready to move into by July, possibly before but I'm not really holding my breath on that one. 

My sister Brittany got engaged! On Valentines Day her boyfriend, Austin, popped the big question.

So in addition to new little nieces to spoil, I'll also be helping plan a wedding! I can already tell this is going to be a fun year. 

Congratulations Brittany and Austin! I hope you both have all the happiness this life can offer. I love you guys! 

Okay, so I believe that's it concerning all the major things happening in my life. I can't wait to continue sharing and going more in depth with each of these wonderful milestones. So that leaves me to say, I hope you all have a Marvelous Monday! 


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Midnight Rants

So I seemed to have dropped off the face of the planet... Luckily, Han Solo discovered me floating in space and decided to return me safely to earth (If you didn't get the Star Wars reference I feel bad for you). Now for a little explanation.... You see when I originally started my blog I simply wanted it to be a way of journaling and keeping up with important life events. However, It turned into an obsession. I wanted to have one of the popular pages that everyone talked about, a page that got 10,000 views a week, a page that companies would want to sponsor. The pressure began driving me crazy... I would stay up for hours a night trying to create something that I deemed as "perfect"...

Until one day I had enough.

I decided to stop blogging and trying to live up to the so called "perfect" standards... However, over the past 9 months I've grown to miss expressing all my thoughts into a post. When you're doing an activity because you truly enjoy it and there are no standers to meet, it can be a wonderful outlet. So I've deiced to keep this blog as a simple journal of my life. There are so many wonderful things happening right now and I want to document every bit of it. I'd love for you to follow along if you wish to.

Farewell until my next midnight rant.